Your Car Exhaust Hurts NO ONE

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Published on 05 Mar 2023 / In Cars & Vehicles

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When the government and complicit media whine against your car’s “carbon emissions,” they’re talking about carbon-dioxide!

After I destroy their absurd demonization of carbon-dioxide, I show the rest of their lies about our cars’ exhaust and explain that those supposedly evil “NOx” gases are also no threat at all.

Lies destroyed. Enemy identified. Agenda exposed.


Jim Laffrey

CLICK to my website for the remarkable CREDENTIALS Page, and the free BOOKS+ Page. And then there's a viable Solution on the ABOUT Page. Enjoy.

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CelticHeart 23 days ago

Thanks for the breakdowns. It's all just another racket, isn't it? Keep people broke, struggling, in debt and demoralised, thinking they are being 'good citizens' and they are far easier to control. Blind them with science. Or BS in this case...

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 23 days ago

It’s about crypto currency and energy contracts
Vehicle of finance
In fact hygrocarbons are both free and renewable, made by microbes in Marcellus shale deposits
BTU per LBS- energy stored directly in liquid form is and never will be surpassed, it’s an astonishing amount of energy in gasoline or diesel.
Diesel accumulation adds the necessary elements in compost piles to aid decomposition and provide structure to biomass.
Oil - in Bible- always = blessings or good
Electric-always evil or bad
Oil / sweet crude oil is definitely a blessing
As the ohm resistance and battery equilibrium wastes 1/4 to 1/3 of energy created at source,
All electric energy is created by jet engines burning Compressed natural gas or diesel jet fuel - the solor wind hoax never makes it to market because of ohm’s resistance- even on a sunny windy day - impossible
The goal - TAVISTOCK institute stuff is purely psychological and also to control transportation- shut it down In regional areas
Global climate change is code for political climate do to crypto currency Briks nations basing currency exchange upon dna not us petrodollars barrel of oil
Chinese nuke subs will be the navy to guard ports ensuring duties are paid using briks crypto
This incremental trend started in 1973 - Ralph Nader / Michael Moore types - con- sumer reports CFR TRILATERAL COMMISSION/ laber unions-CAFE DOT FHSA AND INSURANCE LOBBIES

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 22 days ago

spot on Richard!

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 22 days ago

@Trey Xanthean: Thank You - the endless fascination with the amazing art and wonderful perfection of the internal combustion engine is a personal favorite and passion of mine.
I have alcohol
CNG/ Diesel and gasoline engines of many compression ratios
12 in all
To build the perfect ICE engine is also an eternal source of clockwork engineering born in fire and molded by creativity.

I suggest an 8 cylinder
2 stroke/ Diesel
Air cooled
3 stage supercharger with twin turbos
A 2 cylinder version for motorcycles
Rolling Coal on Acid

High pressure direct injection or carburetor - I can get equal performance from either depending upon the type of fuel and octane ratings are important.

Refining sweet crude oil is fun and simple- but not easy
YES - everyone’s favorite The greatest thing in the universe- LAW
La La La La La
Is Against ME
a plethora of State , local , Fed and global LAW LAW LA LA LA LAWS
PLUS - the lack of formal Petroleum engineering/ chemical engineering education is a big fuckin obstacle
Not to mention money

Do you remember
The Graf Spee ?
Genius- refined oil into diesel while driving
Use the engine heat to pre warm the oil and electrolysis to atomize the molecules

Hybrid from a 68 425 v8 Olds Tornado - front wheel drive- leaves enough room for motors at rear wheels

All things possible?
100 mpg with 800 hp is very likely and scientifically accurate.

It can be done
You know why

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 22 days ago

@Richard Strach: yes, your correct it will not be allowed. i have often thought along the same lines as there is an s-ton of natural gas and oil just under my feet this very minute but cant get to it and cant refine it. a racket for profit by the jew as we both know. disgusting. love me some internal combustion as well Brother.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 21 days ago

@Trey Xanthean: -
I live in Pennsylvania, all the natural gas , sweet crude and coal min s have been shut down , they made laws that nobody can get to it
They suited in lying courts about Chesapeake water reserves and privet wells- funded directly from Israeli genie energy lawyer ngo
There in so much natural gas , an overabundance - so much it’s overwhelming
I bought a CNG POWE 300 inline 6 Ford F 250
They changed the system from 3000 to 36000 psi
They will not recertification- $7000 changes whole system
And the compressor from house gas to truck is over $12,000
They will not sell me parts without certification for mechanic- 2 year degree and $20,000

I built a home refinery using natural gas to heat the oil to make the grades of petroleum
However dangerous and not efficient as I can’t afford the parts or labor to build a proper tower

They will not allow me oppertunety or money

Yes - I pray on the issue and subscribe to off shore magazines
Oil rig companies tech manuals

Truly amazing blessing yet I know it seems as if it’s god himself that is the problem - the Jews are serving it - I am up against the same entity and can watch this topic and them - their legislation
The more convincing details- I cannot list
This topic is related to money , energy , law and Passion
As I need the fuel for the engines
Every move that makes/, and they counteract 2

An internal combustion engine has heart , rhythm and breaths like any other animal
I can tell when it’s sick or in a good mood - as air density and humidity effect he sound and performance
The v8 has the best sound and when running properly “ few do “ as ridiculous poliutioj control attempts hamper the flow
I can get them too run extremely smooth
The Oldsmobile- pre 1968 Block and any Ford FE block seem to be the best
Big block Chryslers are good too

Now - gasification is also interesting
Yet l there are No Facebook clubs , no Go Fund Me and no associations that are available for any of these topics
The nwo jwo has no resistance whatsoever and full support to take it all away - lie and forget about it like everything else they do

And the virgins and oil lamps ?

Where God - waiting 30 years
Shit , do anything illegal and the cops walk through the walls
Yet - beg for help and all the sudden the Great I AM is absent

I’m too old and know better
Faith - the belief upon things without direct evidence

This is an extremely heavy topic
It’s the gateway into the real authority on earth
Amazing miracle to blasphemous rebellion

We have amazing potential and unlimited wealth wisdom and power
Yet - demoralization and manipulation- lies and ignorance- post injustice the world

Sorry long comment
Very important topic

GERMANY COULD HAVE WON , if standard oil didn’t jerk them around with stipulations relating to battle conditions and had the resources here in Pennsylvania

I’m telling you
Clean , renewable and free energy are here now
The public is so demoralized they will never believe me or listen
It’s very frustrating

I could go on for hours about this - just CNG
Omg - I should be financially independent and have dozens of wells , and great engineering skills

Look at publishing names on books

They LIE

Research this topic
Oil and Natural gas - from an autodidact perspective as an inventor would

I would have thought the spiritual help would’ve helped
Maybe it is a shill for Judaism/ communism/ Marxism
Eco - green agenda is BULLSHIT


Maybe - the creator himself just isn’t a greaser-,motor head
However, I like the Jacobs Brakes and Rolling Coal
While ADL is rolling Cole - for telling truth about holohoax

They hate this kinda stuff - it’s a cultural thing

Sorry long comment
Very deep veins here

I’d get a college education in petroleum engineering if it where possible
And Fed grant for land with well
I will be asked why I didn’t on judgment day
Because- just surviving was difficult - then they will say same and roll out electric wheelchair 🦼
Ha ha

This is important - I had many websites and channels dedicated to this
Nobody ever joined or showed any interest

Yes hygrocarbon- hygro- h2o
Carbon - most abundant element
Is not pollution
It’s part of the integrated eco system when applied correctly

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 21 days ago

@Richard Strach:
Dozens of these
Garage - lab - parts and books

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 21 days ago

@Richard Strach:
Dozens of these
Garage - lab - parts and books.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 21 days ago

@Richard Strach:
Dozens of these
Garage - lab - parts and books

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 21 days ago

@Richard Strach:
Dozens of these
Garage - lab - parts and books.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 21 days ago

@Richard Strach:
Dozens of these
Garage - lab - parts and books. O

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