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Your stimulus checks are going to "israel"

Published on 22 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

Your stimulus checks are going to "israel"

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Systheguy 2 months ago (edited)

Far too many Americans, especially American Christian churches confuse the 'Modern State of Israel,' with the Israel of the Bible! Sure, the geography is more or less the same, but those who run it are International Zionists. And International Zionism is based essentially of the WRONG teachings of the Babylonian Talmud and the Kabbala. Not only are the teachings of these two tomes WRONG, they are IN ESSENCE SATANIC. All of Israels' so-called 'laws' are based upon the Talmud. How much more clear must it become for Americans to see that Israel, under its present leadership (and in effect the leadership policies have not changed since 1948 when the State was founded) much if any for the better.

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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 2 months ago

Many people lost their jobs here in Australia as many did in other nations. They were put onto payments and those payments were doubled for almost a year and a half but that stopped several months ago. Why didn't they do the same for Americans. This is really bad. You guys deserve it with everything that you've had to go through, especially lately.

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Steelmidnight 2 months ago

I hate it for the creator of this video, but Trump and the republicans kiss Israels ass as well. Trump sent Israel 38 billion in his first two weeks, while pretending squabble with democrats for wall money which was all just one big placeboe to turn the rising heat down in angry Americans who are still even now one bad day away from a full on civil war against what they think is the "Deep state" but in reality is the STATE within the state- Israel....

Hell, in the 1980s when I was a teen, these politicians all sounded JUST like they do now, kissing Israels ass and foresaking their own people for Israel....Why? And when did this start?

The plan itself was implemented in 1908 by wandering Jews who had fullfilled the legacy of Cains children by being wandering vagabonds without a home for all of History. They wanted Palestine as part of their scam to fool gullible Christians who never bothered to read the bible for themselves into thinking they were a "Holy people" and to use the white nations to keep from getting their asses thrown out of it within a week.

SOME politicians do only get in because they are crooked snakes. But there are too many moving parts in elections to keep true Patriots out of leadership roles 100 percent of the time. Kennedy was pro-Hitler, and didnt like Jews much....But he put some on his staff primarily because he couldnt TELL they were Jews with their fake names and ability to be white-passing....And that got him killed in the end.

So how do they keep the ones who may go into leadership with visions and aspirations to turn the country around and save it, and get them kissing Israels ass?

Three means.

1) Bribes/Lobbies.

2) Honeypot traps/Blackmail

3) Threats of economic collapse.

MOST of the candidates we get are hand picked by Jews. And any candidate who ISNT doesnt get MSM airtime. No invites or admittance to debates, no recognition at all, and this is a HUGE dissadvantage especially in more modern times....But with the advent of internet, true leaders COULD get popularity and rise. So the next step would be a honeypot trap. Set them up with an underage girl/boy and record it. Destroying their credibility if they step out of line. IF the honey pot doesnt work, the last step is to threaten to financially strangle the country. Since the federal reserve controls our money supply, and Jews have imported countless useless non whites who live off welfare, if any leadership opposed them, they would pull the plug, so to speak, and niggers and non white heathens not getting their monthly pay outs would tear this nation apart with riots, looting, and violence. It would take time and organization to implement a new currency system, and doing this would trigger international war, as Jews would use foreign countries still under their control to gang up on a country that got around these other issues.

These parasites are going to be hard to remove.... And since we dont know WHEN the hour of the coming of the LORD could be, we shouldnt be waiting around either, for it to get fixed. For all we know, the end times could be 50-100-500 years from now! No one knows the hour!

Is it a hopeless lost cause? No. But it would take planning, strategy, and means to rip this tick off the dogs they are sucking dry. And any plan WORTH discussing, cant be discussed anywhere but face to face, because Jews long since set up groups like the SPLC and ADL and ACLU, to monitor the free speech of the white western world, the group they hate with an unholy emnity and if left unchallenged, they WILL destroy our people in a matter of decades at this point.

But we CAN win this...Just as I believe in God, I also believe in us, and I know if enough of us unify, there would be NO enemy who could stand against us....Not even these parasitic Jews.

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DeathToJWO 2 months ago

Explains why I never got one...

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Eckhart 2 months ago (edited)

When you going get real mad America.

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Steelmidnight 2 months ago

Thats what people like "Trump" or even shill sites like Stormfront" are. Pressure valves. When momentum starts to build, they misdirect it until that momentum dies down...We need to build momentum and KEEP it built by making sure that the people are on to all the trick....Jew didnt just flood us with non white as a plan of genocide, though that is their end goal, they would much rather kill us off in a brutal, savage way because they are a bloodthirsty, evil people. No, non white hordes are an insurance policy, for if they shut down those monthly welfare checks, the non whites would rampage across the land.....

I have a few ideas. But none of them would be easy....What we REALLY need, are as many people as dedicated to our survival across the globe as the Jew are in their dedication to destroy us. I am sure you have seen them on here, "Athiests" running around attacking the Christians..."Christians" attacking the Pagans....Agnostics attacking either. TRUE brothers and sisters would not be doing this, because we understand that we have MORE then enough enemies to spend time attacking each other....I have made many friends on here....Some Christian like me, some Pagan, some agnostic or athiest, and we all recognize our blood bond and seek the same ends. So there is NO reason for conflict other then to sow division and mistrust. SO when you see those, know them for what they are.

Once we tear down the barriers of mistrust the Jews have poisoned in our ranks (and we are slowly working on it) THEN we can start making some real progress....But not before.

God bless.

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