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(((Zelensky))) Pushes for Green Energy in Midst of 'War'

Published on 31 Mar 2022 / In News & Politics
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whitepride73 2 months ago (edited)

Yes! In the middle of the war let's be good little boys and girls - and stop using tanks and AV's all together because it's bad for the environment. I feel so guilty owning a car now. Boo hoo waaaaah, a fart, then a shart and a pee burst in my pants. For fuck's sake, why not just put batteries up our ass and turn on the vibration button for fun, then jump around like faggots with our dicks slapping left and right to and from? Typical sneaky bullshit advertising. I mean is anyone going to listen? Fuck no. If you're a soldier are you going to jump out of your tank and ride a bicycle into war? FUCK NO. Well, the answer is clear.

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TheTruthAboutFaggots 4 months ago

climate change is just another lie made up by jews

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nonstopwarfare 6 months ago

Fucking cunt has literally no chin. Where is his lower jaw? I'm surprised he can how a beard, if he was a puppy in a litter you'd put it in a bag and drown it

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shane127 6 months ago

smelly jew lies

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jimmyhugo 6 months ago

so funny this gay with the military green shirt and the nsdap cross. europe has become a shithole from what i see but ukraine is not europe. looks like ukraine will be for jews from now on and russia will grab the areas without the jews.

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