Zero Carbon Vanity

Published on 20 Nov 2022 / In Cars & Vehicles

The truth about those who purchase battery powered cars.

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jbl .
jbl . 7 days ago

Except for supporting the "CO2-is-bad" hoax, the video is good. Carbon-dioxide is in NO way pollution. Yes, it is an "emission" from vehicles since the admirable White invention of catalytic converters to chemically change the exhaust output. "Emission" does NOT equal "pollution," but the lying jewsmedia and governments have most people BELIEVING it. CO2 is plant food. CO2 is only .04 percent of the atmosphere! All of us exhale a little CO2. Thus, the whole push to "Zero Emissions" is not at all about the good health of us and the planet. It IS about further CONTROL over us, reducing our options, and further draining our money. By the way, electric cars get their juice from the big power plants that run mostly on burning coal, natural gas, and fuel oil. Our cars with internal-combustion engines do without the inefficient "middle men" of the power plants and grid system. Our engines directly, efficiently, burn the gasoline to produce physical power and very nearly zero pollution in the exhaust. These are verifiable facts, not belief, not opinion.

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NewWorldCircus 8 days ago

How about H20 water- ran car engines ?

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nimblehorse 8 days ago

the 1st combustion engine ran on alcohol, a tractor and the farmer could make his own emissions.

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