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Zionist hypocrisy on immigration to western nations.

Published on 04 Aug 2020 / In News & Politics

Show this video to anyone who thinks that the Jews are some sort of ally and/or victim against the invaders.

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Cumslurpingjewfucks 1 year ago

They’re the one and ONLY apartheid country. We does this surprise anyone. They are evil mother fuckers. Boycott them watch them burn. They worship money and nothing else. Cut off their lifeline. They hate whites because Jesus loves us and hates them. They have the intellect of a two year old with a diaper full of shit just call their adolescent stupidity and ignore their smears and cries of anti semitism. It’s all smoke and mirrors anyway. We have all the power and their greatest fear is exposure and that we will discover our power and make them pay dearly.

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Savage99 1 year ago

Jews. Filthy parasitic scum, they have implemented the Kalergi Plan: world-wide in the West since 1970.
50 years is all it has taken to bring the West to where it is today - all done with the willing help of EVERY SINGLE WESTERN GOVERNMENT -ALL parties and all run through the U.N.G.C.

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southern1861 1 year ago

The are nothing more than a descendant of cain. Satanic Schmucks. The preform circumcision on the baby and suck their dick. pedophiles dick sucking pricks. I hate them as well. They are not GODS people. Lying cock suckers

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