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Zyklon B - 'Let It Be' by The Beatles Parody

Published on 30 Nov 2020 / In Comedy

Only used for pest control, Zyklon B.

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 6 months ago

They own what? their own words

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scm_bacont 6 months ago


Such a great voice!!!

And lyrically is masterful!!!

Keep up the great work!!!

Glad I stumbled across this channel!!!

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AntiCuck82 8 months ago

The hand that pulls the trigger of the Zyklon BFG 6 million even shakes in antecipation.
Moonman lives

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Buzzlightyear 10 months ago

Ive said this before aswell on jewtube. How is it that those kikes had golden teeth, expensive jewelry and diamonds? After the first world war in germany? While the germans in germany had almost nothing.

These kikes are truly disgusting! And always projecting.

Wonderful song take by the way!

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Nigger Faggotsson
Nigger Faggotsson 1 year ago

So much luxury for these ungrateful kikes and so many lies and slander done to the noble germans
i often wondered in Holohoax class why the teacher once said "i hope that one day in the future, the people won't just say the hoLOcaust was just photoshop and movies"

but 3 years ago i realized why, because they ARE all photoshop and lies.

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